Saturday, 17 November 2012

Beautiful Claire West Paintings

I just had to share with you 3 of the paintings by Claire West that we've just sold. Since I bought the gallery in April this year, Claire's paintings have become a firm favourite with me. The colours and subjects continue to grow on me and I have decided that I need to own one to go in my bedroom. In short, I love them!

'Lots and Lots of Trees'
'Foxy Foxy' - I was very sad to sell this one as I wanted it myself!

'The Bird with the Golden Ring'
The gentleman who bought 'foxy foxy' came back a few weeks later to see our new Claire West pictures. He was telling me that one of his friends actually knew the artist and had taken her out bird ringing. When I showed him the painting he gasped - obviously the bird ringing trip had provided Claire with the inspiration for this painting. To make it even better, the birds featured in this painting are Tree Sparrows, which have grown increasingly rare in the last 50 years, but which can actually still be found in the customers back garden! I was pleased to be able to sell the customer something so obviously perfect for him!

Jenny x

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