Monday, 19 November 2012

Focus Gallery - Nottingham

The Interior of Focus Gallery
On Sunday afternoon I went for my first visit to the Focus Gallery in Nottingham, run by Lorraine Murphy and her husband Angelo. Since buying the gallery in April I have been in contact with some of the owners of other galleries in the Midland but had not yet had the chance to visit so I was really looking forward to it. I was not disappointed.

The gallery stocks a mix of textiles, ceramics, prints, jewellery, art and more - and at reasonable prices. The basis principle behind the gallery is the same as at Itch - supporting talented British artists and makers, and providing customers with a change from the mass production of the high street - but we both stock different types of work.

It was great to chat to Lorraine about the gallery and our different artists. I loved looking at the jewellery!! I couldn't stop myself from buying a piece of ceramics and a gorgeous necklace.

Artist Painting a Monkey

Beautiful Necklace - I love it so much!

Focus also  has a downstairs gallery, a framers and a workshop space. I would love to do workshops at Itch Gallery, if only we had the space! If you get chance, pop in next time you are in Nottingham!

Jenny x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Can't get enough!

This is my latest purchase from the fabulous Suet Yi Yip, whose work we are currently stocking in the gallery. I first became aware of Suet Yi Yip's fabulous ceramics work whilst I was exhibiting my own ceramics at last years Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester. Suet Yi was on the new graduates stand and I fell in love with her work immediately. I bought my first piece then and there and have continued to buy from her every single time I've seen her at other fairs such as Lustre and Earth and Fire. However, after buying my 6th piece I did think that I would be able to visit Lustre this year and not make a purchase from her. This plan was going well until I saw this little bunny piece (above). I had to have it and can't wait to put it up on my wall. I think this one might be my favourite (so far!)

If you want to purchase your own piece of Suet Yi's work, contact the gallery on 01572 756760 or email me at: - I am hoping to upload her remaining stock on to our online shop within the next week, website details are below.

Jenny x

Beautiful Claire West Paintings

I just had to share with you 3 of the paintings by Claire West that we've just sold. Since I bought the gallery in April this year, Claire's paintings have become a firm favourite with me. The colours and subjects continue to grow on me and I have decided that I need to own one to go in my bedroom. In short, I love them!

'Lots and Lots of Trees'
'Foxy Foxy' - I was very sad to sell this one as I wanted it myself!

'The Bird with the Golden Ring'
The gentleman who bought 'foxy foxy' came back a few weeks later to see our new Claire West pictures. He was telling me that one of his friends actually knew the artist and had taken her out bird ringing. When I showed him the painting he gasped - obviously the bird ringing trip had provided Claire with the inspiration for this painting. To make it even better, the birds featured in this painting are Tree Sparrows, which have grown increasingly rare in the last 50 years, but which can actually still be found in the customers back garden! I was pleased to be able to sell the customer something so obviously perfect for him!

Jenny x