Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Buy art, Save a dog!


'Daddy Long Legs'
A while ago I stumbled across a website/blog called 'A Year to Help.' Fed up of "claiming to be an animal lover and yet doing nothing to help," Martin Usborne, who runs the site, has taken a year off work to try and save as many animals as he can.

This approach may sound a little extreme but I have the utmost admiration for this guy, he's simply doing what he can and I wish there were more people out there like him.

I have a little dog called Dylan. He is a whippet cross and has helped me through some tough times. We rescued him and watched as he grew and began to trust us and I am very thankful he is in my life. So when I read Martin's post 'The Rise and Fall of the Galgo' I felt sickened and compelled to help. (NB: I couldn't get the post out of my head for days after reading the treatment the poor Galgos suffered so you may want to give that post a miss if you are of a sensitive nature!) 

'Leader of the Pack'
When I saw that Martin, himself a professional photographer, was selling his photos of the Galgos with all money going directly to help a Galgo rescue centre in Spain, I knew this was how I could help in my own little way. I am proud to say that Itch Gallery is now selling some of the beautiful Galgo photographic pieces online and in store and every penny (except postage) will go straight to the Galgo rescue. All 4 of the images in this post are for sale. They are £35 each plus £2.99 postage and packing in the UK. You can buy them through our online shop, in person through the gallery or even over the phone. Just give me a ring on 01572 756760 if you would like more details.

I, too am fed up of sitting idly, whilst others take up the challenge of making a difference. EVERYONE can help. YOU can help buy buying a print, I can help by not taking any commission, Martin can help by producing his prints solely for the charity, and Charlotte at the charity can help by taking that much needed cash and going to the rescue!!

'Ambo - Profile'

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