Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Jewellery!

I'm pleased to show you one of our new jewellery stockists - the lovely Evie Milo of Milomade!
Milomade is based in Scotland and follows the motto "too goo too waste" which I think is an excellent concept and really sums up her unique style.

One of the things that struck me upon receiving my delivery from Milomade is how her focus on reducing, reusing and recycling even applies to how her pieces are packaged and presented - which I think really adds to their value. Her pendants even come with a little tag explaining their provenance - the one below was originally a silver teaspoon crafted in 1909 by Charles Wilkes. I love the idea of knowing the heritage of your pendants' previous life and wondering what life was like for the person who made it or first used it.

Vintage Silver Teaspoon Love Heart Pendant
Since having a more in depth look at the Milomade website I discovered that Evie also sells cartoon envelopes and ephemera packs - perfect for a stationary geek like me!

Silver Heart Earrings on Presentation Card

The run up to Christmas stopped me blogging for a while - watch this space for more information on some of our other selected artists and makers too! P.S. - Check out what Evie wrote about Itch Gallery too, over on the Milomade blog....

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  1. Hi Jenny - thanks for the feature! Nice to know there are other stationery addicts like me out there and that I'm not alone. FYI I'll be making up other ephemera packs with Music and Maps only.